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1.1.  Who is responsible for processing your data?

Identity: FLAT BY ARTIS, S.L.U, with Tax Identification Number B25805920 (hereinafter the Controller).

Postal address: Polígono Industrial Camí dels Frares, C/ Alcarras, 83, C.P 25190 Lleida.
Telephone: 973257800




2.1.   What is the Controller going to use my data for?

The data you provide us may be used by the Controller for one or several of the purposes we shall state below, that shall be determined by factors such as your relation with ourselves (e.g. applicant for employment, etc.) or by the means used to send the data (e.g. contact form or subscription of our newsletter, etc.). We shall now explain the processing to which this privacy policy refers, without prejudice to the fact that there may be others of which you may be informed, or for which the necessary authorisation may be requested. 

Requests for information

When you contact us, for example using the existing contact form on the web page, by telephone, fax, e-mail, messaging services, social networks, telephone or even personally, to ask us for information or to consult on any matter, to make a suggestion, complaint or claim, we shall process your data in order to attend to your request for information and/or query you have made, with the management and scope it shall require. This operation may include use of the data received to prepare the service proposals and/or collaboration in the event of that effectively being the application. 


Should you ask to register in our newsletter service and/or for periodic information, for example, by means of the form provided for that purpose on our web page, or requesting this by electronic mail, we shall process your data for management and sending such information, as well as the commercial communications related to our activities, services and products, even by electronic means. At any time, you may withdraw the consent and conclude the processing stated. 

Human Resources: Job Pool

The Controller maintains a job pool for all people who wish to take part. If you request inclusion in that job pool, for example, by using the existing web form, we inform you that we shall process your data for inclusion in the job pool to cover future inductions and/or collaborations with our organisation, performing practices, issuing grants, which involves evaluation of your candidacy according to the characteristics of the profile or post concerned, that may be needed, and to contact you to manage and formalise the selection process. Eventually, and in the event of commencing a selection process as a consequence of the foregoing, the data provided may be processed to prepare the labour contract.


In the event of you having agreed to receive cookies on commencing the visit to this web page, the web site cookie policy shall apply to you. We recommend you read that policy, where you may obtain information, among other matters, regarding the cookies used, their purpose and the configuration options you may adopt on your devices to view the page, for example, to erase them.

2.2.   How long will you keep my data for?

The terms to keep the data you provide us are closely linked to the processing concerned.

  • In that regard, you are informed that, in general terms, we shall process the data while maintaining the juridical relation that arises, or while you do not oppose its processing. 
  • After the term stated above has concluded, we shall keep your data separately, while we are legally required to do so and, on the other hand, until exhausting full expiry of actions that might be brought. These terms may be conditioned by other factors, by the law applicable to the relation between the parties. 

Things being thus, in order to calculate the conservation term, it shall be necessary to take the term indicated in section 2.2.2 on the specific processing as a starting point and add the term that might affect it for the purposes of expiry of the regulations and expiry of actions to it. 

2.2.1.   Terms related to the processing:

Processing related to the Applications for Information. We shall process your data for the necessary time to attend to and manage your request for information. 

Processing related to the Newsletters: while you remain a client and have not opposed processing, or if you have specifically requested to receive our newsletter, while you wish to continue to receive it and have not opposed such. 

Processing related to Human Resources Management: job pool and selection processes.

  • Job pool: we shall keep your curriculum vitae for the term of one year, the moment at which we shall proceed to its suppression, except if we request authorisation before that term to keep your curriculum vitae for an additional period of time and you provide us your consent.  
  • Cookies: according to the type of cookies, as stated in the relevant policy. 

2.2.2.   Terms imposed by the regulations and expiry of actions:

  • Civil Code (Article 1964): 5 years.
  • Act 28 of Act  1/1973, of 1st March , 3 or 10 years in general terms. This may also be applicable to relations between the parties subject to Act 39, to Act 1/1973, of 1st March, and the term contained therein of 30 years.
  • Code of Commerce: 6 years of obligation to conserve documentation imposed by Article 30.


3.1.   Why may the Controller process my data? Under what authority?

Depending on the relation established and also the purpose of the processing, the juridical base for this may be different. We shall now state the different situations that may arise and what legal basis is applicable to them according to the processing:



Attending to requests for information: The processing is authorised by virtue of the consent you provide at the moment of sending your request for information and/or assistance.


Newsletters and sales notifications: We shall only send sales notifications if you have provided specific prior consent to receive these. Not granting consent to process your data for the purpose of sending you sales notifications shall not affect processing the query, assistance or request in any case.


We shall include your CV in our job pool and shall process your candidacy on the basis of the consent you grant at the moment of delivering that information. You may withdraw the consent you have provided at any time, although withdrawal of the consent shall involve us ceasing to include you in the selection processes and we shall eliminate your candidacy from our job pool. 


We are authorised for this processing by the consent you have provided by beginning to browse our web site. 

3.2.  Consequences of withdrawal of consent or opposition to processing your data. Obligatory and optional fields. 

Should you request authorisation for processing at any time for a purpose that does not require consent, your not granting it (or eventually withdrawing it afterward) shall not have consequences for yourself in any case. Nor shall your opposing processing your data for purposes based on legitimate interest have any consequence, for example, use of your data as a client to send sales notifications). 

On some collection forms, you may clearly see that some fields are marked as obligatory (with an asterisk), the rest being absolutely voluntary. Thus, failure to fill in the optional fields shall not have any consequences, and they may be filled out if you are interested in doing so. 


4.1.  Will you cede my data to third parties?

In general terms, except for legal obligation, your data shall not be ceded to any third party without your consent. In any event, some data communication to third parties may be imposed by certain legal regulations.


4.2.  Providers of services related to the web page.

Hosting: the Controller’s web page is hosted by the provider ILIMIT COMUNICACIONS, S.L.


5.1. What rights am I entitled to in data protection matters? General information.

With regard to personal data gathered for processing, you have the possibility of exercising the rights of access, correction, suppression and portability. We also inform you that under certain circumstances you shall be entitled to request limitation or opposition of processing your data, in which case the Controller shall cease the processing and shall only keep these in the event of there being any regulatory obligation that imposes such, or until expiry of the actions that might arise. 

If you want more information on said rights, we invite you to continue reading, or to visit the infography prepared by the Spanish Data Protection Agency, accessible by the following the hyperlink provided.

5.2.   What do those rights consist of?

Right of access: This right allows the person concerned to obtain confirmation from the Controller regarding whether or not their personal data is being processed and, in that case, the right to access to the personal data, as well as the following additional information: a) the purposes of the processing; b) the categories of personal data concerned; c) the receivers or categories of receivers; d) the term foreseen to save such, or the criteria used to determine that term; e) the existence of the right to request the Controller to correct or suppress the personal data, or limitation of personal data processing related to the party concerned, or to oppose such processing; f) the right to present a claim before the controlling authority; g) information available on the origin of the data; h) the existence of automated decisions.

Right to correction: This right entitles the person concerned to insist that the Controller correct or complete the inexact personal data without delay. It is important that the data recorded in the data bases are up to date and, in that sense, we are at your service to correct any error or inexactness that may exist in these.

Right to suppression: You are entitled to request us to suppress your personal data at any time, an application that shall be attended without delay, except if any of the circumstances foreseen in the General Data Protection Regulations arise, among those we emphasise that we must be able to conserve your data to fulfil a legal obligation, or to be able to defend ourselves against a claim. 

Right of portability: In the case of automated data processing based on consent, you may ask us to send another Controller your personal data that you have provided us, in a commonly used structured format for mechanical reading. 

Right to opposition: Through this right, the party concerned opposes processing its data by the Controller. This right is not absolute, which means that the Controller may continue to process the data as long as it may prove legitimate reasons that prevail over the interests, rights of the party concerned, or to make, perform and defend claims. 

Right to limitation of processing: This right is granted under certain circumstances that are indicated below, the right to request the Controller to limit processing its personal data. If that is exercised, the Controller may only process the data with the consent of the party concerned. The circumstances under which the right may be exercised are as follows:

  1. The data subject challenges the exactness of the personal data, during a term that allows the Controller to verify their exactness. 
  2. The processing performed by the Controller is illicit and the party concerned opposes suppression of the personal data and requests limitation of its use instead; 
  3. The Controller no longer needs the personal data for the purposes of processing, but the data subject needs it to file, exercise or defend claims;
  4. The data subject has opposed processing, while verifying whether the legitimate reasons of the Controller prevail over those of the data subject.

5.3.   How and where to exercise them?

We would be delighted to attend as many queries or claims you may have regarding data protection. You may also address your claim or exercise your rights through any of the channels for contact provided in the heading of this data protection policy. 

You may also address the controlling authority you may consider appropriate to file your claim (for example, in the country where you have your usual residence, place of work, or where you consider the supposed infringement has taken place). To the appropriate ends, we inform you that the Controlling Body in Spain is the Spanish Data Protection Agency, and you may exercise your rights using the forms this entity has enabled for the purpose and that are available at its electronic seat. 

5.4.  How long will you take to process the application to exercise my rights?

The reference term is one month from receipt of your application. Notwithstanding the foregoing, that term may be extended a further two months if necessary, bearing in mind the complexity and number of applications. The Controller shall inform the person concerned of any of those extensions within the term of one month as of receipt of the application, stating the reasons for the delay. 

5.5.   Will exercising these rights cause me expense?

Exercise of rights shall not involve expenditure, except in cases when manifestly groundless or excessive requests are made, especially when repetitive, the Controller may charge a fee to cover the administrative costs of attending to the request, or refuse to act (the fee may not amount to additional revenue for the Controller, but must effectively be the true cost of processing the application).