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Nous utilisons des cookies pour offrir à nos visiteurs une expérience transparente et confortable lors de la navigation sur notre site. En utilisant notre web site, vous acceptez l'utilisation de cookies. Vous pouvez obtenir plus d'informations sur les cookies et leur utilisation sur notre web site dans la section Charte des cookies.


A cookie (computer cookie) is a small amount of information sent by a web site and stored in the user’s browser, so the web site may consult the previous activity by the user.

Its main functions are:

  • Keeping control over the users: when a user inputs a username and password, a cookie is saved so the do not need to be input for each page on the server. However, a cookie does not identify just a person, but rather a combination of a computer-browser-user. 
  • To obtain information on the user’s browsing habits and attempts by spyware (spy programs), by advertising agencies and others. This may cause privacy issues and tat is one of the reasons why cookies have their detractors.

Cookies may be erased, accepted or blocked, as one wishes, for which it is only necessary to configure one’s web browser correctly. 

If you want to obtain more information on cookies, this is available on the following link:


As a general rule, browsers have diverse configuration options for cookies, that allow diverse privacy levels to be set, so that, for example, all the cookies a web site like this one may send may be refused, or even eliminate all the cookies that may have been saved. To amend those parameters, you may request information from the manufacturer, or consult the documentation on these that is listed below:

In the event of the user restricting or blocking any or all of the cookies on this Web site, some of the features or services provided by the page might not be available. 


Finally, apart from the possibility of restricting or eliminating cookies, the majority of web browsers allow pages to be visited in the mode known as “private browsing, inPrivate”. That feature means that when the browser/tab is closed, all the browsing data that may have been stored or generated (including cookies) is erased.


The web site  uses the following cookies:

_ga Google Analytics Analytic cookie This cookie is used to distinguish users and sessions. It is a cookie of persistent type and has an expiration term of two years.

_gat_gtag_UA_114586713_1 Google Analytics Analytic cookie Includes information about the campaign related to the user. If Google Analytics and AdWords accounts are linked, website conversion tags will read this cookie, unless you disable it. The duration is 90 days.

_gid Google Analytics Analytic cookie.  This cookie is used to distinguish users and sessions. It is a cookie of temporary type and has an expiration period of 24 hours.